1:05 pm - Friday April 25, 2014

This season Bigg Boss 7 is going to be launched almost fifteen days earlier than the previous season. This huge popular show is based on the original Dutch Big Brother format that was developed by John de Mol. In India, this show has gained huge popularity since its first season. A number of contestants live in purpose built house known as Bigg Boss house. All the contestants are kept isolated from the rest of the word and overseen by a person known as Bigg Boss who has presence in the house of Bigg Boss only thorough his voice. The house of Bigg Boss is built for every season and has all kinds of modern amenities.

This show has won many awards such as best reality show and best art director in the ITA last season. Bigg Boss 7 is scheduled to be aired on 15 September 2013. Like the previous season, this season is being hosted by super star Salman Khan. This show will be aired for 92 days. With the Bigg Boss 7 live streaming, one can enjoy this show at any place. This season of Bigg Boss 7 will offer unlimited excitement because of the theme. Bigg Boss 7 is based on the hell and heaven them. Audience will watch the both moments of pain and pleasure at the same time.

The makers of this show have roped in some very interesting and controversial names from the world of entertainment and from the world of glamour. This season, the contestants are such that you would not like to miss any episode of this extravaganza. And Bigg Boss 7 Watch Online will ensure that every one will enjoy the excitement of this show that is going to be dirtier, bitchier, and bigger. It will be worth watching the fight of Bigg Boss 7 contestants for money, fame, and self-respect. The excitement of viewers has been surged ever since Dolly Bindra is rumored to take part in the house of Bigg Boss. Imam Siddiqui is also speculated to enter on huge demand.

There are some speculations that Rakhi Sawant also may get wild card entry. This is clear that makers of Bigg Boss 7 do not want to leave any stone unturned to make the show of this season full of excitement and exhilaration that viewers have not experienced in earlier shows. There are some websites that will provide Bigg Boss 7 Watch Live for the individuals who cannot access the television at the time when show will air. With tablet or internet enabled mobile phone, one can watch this show any place. The quality of sounds and picture depends on the speed of internet so make sure you are connected to high speed Internet to enjoy this show.

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